Festive Party Nights Menu Selector

Please make a select for each member of your party.


Goat’s cheese – grilled Capricorn goat’s cheese, fig and onion tart, white onion purée (v)
Melon – melon and Campari cooler with orange pomegranate and mint (gf, v, vegan, nut free)
Soup – Roasted plum tomato and red pimento soup (gf, v, vegan, nut free)


Turkey – traditional roast turkey with a peach and chestnut stuffing, bacon wrapped chipolata, glazed sprouts, carrots and roasted potatoes, red wine and turkey sauce
Lamb – braised rump of lamb with Swiss brown mushrooms, eggplant purée and creamed potato (gf, nut free)
Seabass – grilled fillet of seabass with a spring onion and celery leaf, potato, light Cajun and parsley butter (gf, nut free)
Risotto – mushroom, courgette and parsley risotto (gf, v, vegan, nut free)
Peppers – quinoa stuffed sweet Romano peppers with asparagus, salsa verde (gf, v, vegan, nut free)
Vegetables are included as an integral part of each dish


Plum pudding – traditional plum pudding with a spiced plum compote and Amaretto sauce
Lemon cake – glazed lemon cake, blueberry sorbet (vegan)
Chocolate mousse – chocolate mousse pavlova, passionfruit glaze (gf, nut free)
Cheeses – farmhouse stilton, cheddar and French brie cheeses with biscuits
Followed by freshly brewed coffee and mints